Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does this cost?
  • All of our jobs are custom, so the cost of each project varies. Fill out our form for a free quote.
  • Are custom cabinets more expensive than prefabricated cabinets?
  • Not necessarily. We don't compete with prefab cabinets but are often comparibly priced. You are able to get more for you money as all space is usable.
  • What designs are available?
  • All of our cabinets are custom designed. Your options are limitless!
  • What is the turn-around time for cabinets?
  • Turn-around is based on work load, the average time for a job is 2-4 weeks but can change depending on the job's size and projects ahead of yours.
  • What are cabinets made of?
  • All of our cabinets are:
    • Made 100% wood, no particle board is used.
    • 3/4" plywood with the type of plywood depending on the type of kitchen.
      • Wood kitchens have solid wood doors.
      • Laminate kitchens have thermofoil doors.
    • Built european style with concealed hardware.
    • All full-extension guides and self-closing available.